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I shaped my first board in 1989 while living in North Carolina. I moved from North Carolina to Carlsbad, Ca in 1994. Once here, I hung out with Chuck Hundley from Clubber surfboards. My friends and I were riding his boards and I would just try and soak up any knowledge he would offer. He was a very fast shaper and I was impressed by how he could shape a few boards before most people woke up.

Along the way I met other shapers including Rusty Whitlock who let me shape in his bay for a few years. I picked up tricks and tools along the way. Allen from Resin Fiber took me in and I started shaping around his shop. It was nice being around other shapers and seeing quality first hand. I still shape in the same shop and I’m surrounded by some of the best shapers/glassers/sanders in the world.

I guess my niche is that I now shape about 95% EPS or expanded polystyrene foam.  Its not as easy as poly and it increases the steps of production but the results are well worth the effort. The boards just feel more alive. Flex is there, strength is there, its better for the environment, its odorless, weight decreases… lighter, whiter, greener, stronger! I recommend EPS and Future fins to all customers. Futures boxes give you the ability to set the fin angle to the most accurate degree. I’m humbled to shape and after ghost shaping for other major brands, I feel I have grown ten fold in the last year alone.

After showing to shops for the first time in 2013, I was stoked to hear the feedback and my boards are now in select shops including Onshore Surf Shop, Surf City, NC. Secret Spot Surf Shop, Nags Head, NC. Aussie Island Surf Shop, Wilmington, NC. Aussie Island Surf Shop, Wrightsville Beach, NC. Ocean Surf Shop, Folly Beach, SC. Progression Surf Shop, Encinitas, Ca.

When I’m not Shaping I like to surf, spend time with the family and travel. Living in North County San Diego is nice because there are usually waves nearby. I wish it got bigger and hollow more often but there are some good spots if you’re willing to drive!

% of boards made using EPS. Wanna see why? Read the About section..
Approximate number of boards shaped
% of boards with Future fins. Wanna see why? Read the About section..


Aussie Island Surf Shop
5101 Dunlea Court
Wilmington, North Carolina
(910) 256-5454
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Aussie Island Surf Shop
1 N. Lumina
Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina
(910) 256-6789
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Ocean Surf Shop
31 Center St.
Folly Beach, SC
(843) 588-9175
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OnShore Surf Shop
405 Roland Ave,
Surf City, North Carolina
(910) 328-2232
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Secret Spot Surf Shop
2815 S. Croatan Hwy,
Nags Head, North Carolina
(252) 441-4030
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Progression Surf Shop
828 N Coast Highway 101,

Encinitas, CA
(760) 942-2088
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